Why Join?

Join The Muslim Network to gain access to the numerous services we provide to support your organization’s work and to connect you with community leaders throughout the state. Not only will you be able to expand your projects to new communities, you’ll also learn from other leaders, share ideas, engage in community dialogue, and benefit more people through your work. Join the Network to enjoy the strength in unity through communication and dialogue.

How to Join

Step 1

Read the Member Qualifications Guidelines to see if your organization qualifies to be a member.

Step 2

Fill the Membership Application form here.

Step 3

Receive your application acceptance, join the Network and connect with communities statewide through TMN’s services.

Member Qualification Guidelines

  • A for-profit or nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to serve Muslim communities or is owned by Muslim(s)
  • Primary constituency of the organization is in the state of New Jersey
  • The organization or its affiliates official legal status at the state or federal level
  • In compliance with local, state, and federal laws in the practice and conduct of the organization
  • Not a political organization, and not affiliated with any political candidate or campaign
  • Offers product(s) or service(s) that abides by Islamic principles, and does not offer any products or services that do not by Islamic services