About Us

Our Mission

The Muslim Network (TMN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit umbrella organization that aims to unite the Muslim communities in the state of New Jersey by establishing a network of mosques, Islamic schools, community centers, businesses and other Muslim organizations throughout the state. Through this network, various services are available to encourage collaboration across communities and to strengthen individual organizations’ work and mission.

Our Vision

To establish a Network that unifies the Muslim communities in the state of New Jersey.

Our Values

Coming together as one through our shared testimony that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His final messenger.

Maintaining a culture integrated with top quality, maximal efficiency, and punctuality.

Welcoming and embracing our diversities and differences across races, ethnicities, cultures, traditions and lifestyles.

Following the principles of the Quran and Sunnah in all that we do to ultimately please Our Creator and best serve Him by following in the footsteps of His Beloved, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Our Inspiration

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.”

The Holy Quran, 3:103

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of young American Muslim activists looking to give back to our communities. We have been blessed to grow up in Muslim communities that have nourished our American Muslim identities and have cultivated in us a love for service of others. We would like to provide the channels of support for our leaders, who have served us for so long, to support their initiatives and help them continue their great works.

Meet the Board